20 Feb 10

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When arriving in one of the most amazing metropolitan areas in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada, I couldn’t help but think about how interesting my Company’s assemblies would be. I knew it was a moment for deep actions and maintaining a engaged mind, the assemblies were an outstanding success and it was now time to relax and indulge in my environment of dazzling signs and all night sin city entertainment.

My first experience in my hotel’s casino was the screams of a lady behind the roulette wheels cheering with excitement after hitting a cash prize of over twelve thousand dollars on a slot machine and the audience that had grouped around her appear to be to be just as happy for her as she was for herself. That is excitement!

Myself, well, I have at all times liked chemin de fer gambling along with poker, roulette and baccarat so I hunted down a blackjack table where I could give it a go. The las vegas hotels are always filled with gamers. Every player around me appear to be anxious to throw away their wagering cash and their wagering elation were high and I dropped right in with them and made my bet. Losing my first 2 hands but as I visioned, after 30 minutes and 2 croupiers into my night, I fled the table $400 ahead. That’s satisfaction!

An excellent achievement for a novice casino gambler like my myself.

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